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One of the natural disasters that affect catfish production in artificial dams and ponds is flood. Flood occurs when runoff water goes beyond channels and drainages provided for it. It is a situation whereby water bodies (lake, stream, rivers, etc.) go beyond their catchment area causing untold damage to the adjoining environment.

Excess precipitation has been identified as the major cause of flooding, especially in the developed countries of the world where networks of drainages exist and are well kept. At times, there could be nonstop rain for more than 24 hours, causing drainages and water bodies to be overwhelmed and spread to the surrounding environment. In other words, Nigeria as an example of underdeveloped country has experienced a number of floods not as a result of excessive rainfall but due to poor drainage systems and poor maintenance of existing ones.  This may at times result in severe loss of properties and livestock (catfishes, cattle, chickens, etc.) worth millions of dollars.