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New Ways Fish Farming is Reducing Unemployment in Africa


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Pisciculture or fish farming is the rearing of fish commercially in tanks or enclosures such as fish ponds, usually for food. The ability of man to tame nature and deduce from her the needed resources have been key to his survival. Fish farming goes a long extent to display this primordial characteristic.

Nutrition is a basic necessity of man. And to have a balanced diet, one cannot afford to ignore protein intake. Fish happens to be one of the major sources of protein for many people in the world. So much so that man has fished some aquatic species into extinction. The water bodies of the world are now recording the lowest yield of fishes ever. And if something isn’t done soon, they will be totally depleted.

Fish Farming in Sub-Saharan Africa: 8 Major Challenges


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Fish farming is one of the most profitable agribusinesses in Africa. You can start fish farming without the need for huge investments on capital projects like purchase of land and heavy constructions as is obtainable in poultry farming. One particular thing I love about fish farming business is that you can get details of your profit and loss after just a season of six months. I am also particular about rate of returns on the investment. It’s always fantastic when you get the business right. In fact, some of us in the fish farming business cannot easily switch to other businesses; we prefer to expand our capacity because fish farming is interesting.

As interesting as fish farming is in our own part of the continent, there are many challenges existing and new fish farmers are facing and will still be facing if drastic steps are not taken to correct abnormality in the business. These challenges are seriously militating against the development of fish farming. According to my article on prospect of catfish farming in Nigeria, fish farming can generate a lot of employment opportunity for the vast unemployed youth in Africa and also earn the continent a huge foreign reserve. Some of the problems militating against the development of fish farming are discussed below:

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