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A catfish farmer who does not know how to breed for his personal use cannot be said to be prolific in his business. This is due to the fact that no matter how good you are as a catfish farmer in raising for market sizes, your effort and skill can be made useless by catfish breeders. The quality of your seed has a lot to do with your eventual output at the end of each farming season. There are three major factors that usually affect the performance of catfishes: water quality, feed quality, and quality of seed. Among the factors mentioned, seed is the major determinant of success rate in catfish farming business. In fact, it determines up to 70% of success or failure of the business. Many breeders, especially small scale ones, might breed against the principle of breeding, intentionally, due to high demand sometimes at a particular season of the year or due to high cost of quality broodstock. Some of the ways catfish breeders violate the principles of breeding include: