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Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) in catfish farming is the percentage quantity of feed consumed by a given number of catfishes that is converted into body weight (flesh and bone) for human consumption. FCR is the basis of all feed formulations because feeds are compounded to support profitable and healthy growth of catfishes. It is an established fact that catfishes are sold based on weight in most parts of West Africa. Therefore, feed must be formulated in such a way that it will promote the growth and weight of the table size fish.

Also, the profitability of any livestock business investment depends solely on how well feed can be converted into general body weight. This assertion is based on the premise that feed converted into flesh is always cheaper than the value of flesh produced. A farmer should bear in mind that feed is not just produced for production sake but to meet certain nutritional needs of our livestock. In other words, some feeds are not of much benefit to catfishes that consume them. For you to compound feed that will convert well and also be cost effective, you must understand the nutritional need of your stock at all times. It does not make economic sense to use more than the needed protein in a feed because excess protein will be converted to other needs in feed.