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Many catfish farmers are not always careful enough to interpret signs and activities of their stock. Every sign shown by your catfish has a unique meaning. An observant farmer will know what to do next through intelligent analysis of his stock activities.

Some activities of your fish could indicate satisfaction, while other activities might indicate the need to take an urgent action on their environment, feed, etc. However some signs must not be neglected because neglecting them could make you fail as a farmer in your chosen business. For instance, a sluggish movement in small fishes is abnormal and calls for urgent action to avoid unthinkable mortality rate. Many stocks of catfish, with great potential to grow very fast, have been underfed by farmers who will not observe the need to increase the daily supply of feed to their stock. To cut the long story short, there are five signs you, as a farmer, must not neglect in your catfish stock. Attending to them at the right time will save you a lot of stress and increase returns on your investment in catfish farming business. Below are five signs calling for an urgent attention in your catfish farm: