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Introducing Hy-Gold Fish Feeds


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I’d like to introduce you to Hy-Gold feeds which has been specially formulated to boost your fish’s growth.

Hy-Gold feed is a series of floating fish feed produced by Hybrid Feeds, and I believe it to be of comparable quality (although cheaper) to most of the imported fish feeds we are used to (such as Skretting and Aller Aqua) and of much better quality than similar priced local alternatives.

Currently, they have the following feeds:

  • 2mm –
  • 3mm –
  • 4mm –
  • 6mm –
  • 8mm –
  • 9mm –


Catfish and Catfish Feed Ingredient Prices – Week of October 21, 2019


Catfish and Catfish Feed Ingredient Prices – Week of October 28, 2019


  1. Ariyo

    What are the prices. Regards

  2. Nonso Nwaokorie

    Nice to hear this. Will be good to get the price.

  3. Badejo

    Help with the price lists

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