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Let Me Help You Build a Profitable Catfish Farming Business

If you have been in the catfish farming industry for a while now, you would have probably seen that succeeding as a catfish farmer is not as easy as many make it to be; some farmers seem to make things work all the time, while some struggle and fail no matter how hard they try.

Over the years, I have discovered the secret to making catfish farming work. When others are complaining about losses upon losses, I keep generating reasonable profit. In fact, I once had a record of 140 percent profit. For an investment that has a wait period of just six months, that is A LOT!

The market is not as it used to be, though: cost of ingredients is at an all time high, the market is saturated with adulterated products in form of catfish feed and feed ingredients, the general economy of the country is non-performing, and there seem to be an abundance of fish buyers who just want to cheat the farmer. People are quitting this business in droves, but that’s because they do not know the secret to catfish farming success. I still make a profit every season. In fact, I have never recorded a loss in the past six years. I want to share my knowledge and experience with you when need be.

People have disturbed me for years, begging me to consult with them and show them my secrets. I have been very busy running my businesses and managing other activities, until now.

I recently started this blog, and I am surprised with the interest and demand in genuine catfish farming knowledge — not the fake bookish theory perpetuated by people who can barely manage a farm for a week, but practical advice from someone who knows how the industry works and that generates profit season in and season out. Tens of thousands of people have read this blog since starting it less than a year ago, and lots of people have reached out to me to personally hold their hands and guide them to achieve success and make profit as a catfish farmer.

Finally, I have decided to use my knowledge, skills and experience to make other catfish farmers suceed. I will consult with you and help you succeed as a catfish farmer.

There are many reasons why I am now offering to consult with interested catfish farmers (or people who want to invest in the catfish farming industry), but suffice it to say that the current situation of things in Nigeria demands for this. The value of the Naira is diminishing every day, and you cannot afford to take risks, waste money and lose your hard-earned capital anymore. You have to do it once and do it right. The only option — your surviving chance — is to make things work now. You ABSOLUTELY cannot afford to fail. If you do, it might be difficult to get back up.

By hiring me as a consultant, I will:

  • Show you how to build a successful catfish farming business.
  • Give you access to my hotline where you can ask questions about catfish farming.
  • Consult with you on cost-effective and high-performing fish feed formula so that your fishes can eat and grow big fast.
  • Link you with some of my contacts that can supply you with quality fish seed (fingerlings, juveniles and more).
  • Give you personalized advice — based on a clear understanding of your circumstances — in case of disease outbreak and mortalities in your catfish farm.
  • Link you with people who can supply you with quality and cheap feed ingredients.
  • Link you with quality sellers who are ready to buy your matured fishes.
  • Give you practical advice about anything related to catfish farming when needed.

Just take a look at the following comment I got from a reader the other day:

Please help me, what can I use to stop mortality in my ponds. I have recorded over 400 table size death in 2 days.

Imagine how much 400 table size fishes costs? That’s enough to feed several families in this country for a month. By hiring me as a consultant, you can quickly fix things with my help before it gets that worse.

If you’re really in this business to make it, you’ll be able to afford my services. Even more, the results you get will pay you back in spades.

While this service is still available, you can contact me through the contact form below:

You can also contact me through the number: +2348057974781.

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