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NOTE: We are noticing a sharp increase in demand for catfish at the moment and are predicting an uptick in price of catfish in the near term — that is likely to last till December of this year or longer. Be careful. Don’t sell your catfish anyhow.

Here at Profitable Fish Farming we will be publishing a weekly update including the latest price of table size catfish as well as other catfish feed ingredients you will need for a profitable catfish farming business in Nigeria.

We have personal experience with some of these ingredients — and have used them to achieve as much as 100 percent profit in our catfish farming business. We also supply (or can connect you with suppliers for) some of the ingredients we use that we think will yield the best results. Ingredients we supply are indicated — and you can contact us if you’re interested in getting any of these ingredients from us.

CATFISH COST IN NIGERIA (price of table size catfish per kg)

  • Tiny size: N700
  • Smallest size: N750 for Clarias and N750 for Hybrid
  • Small size: N800 for Clarias and N800 for Hybrid
  • Medium size: N870 for Clarias and N870 for Hybrid
  • Big size: N870 for Clarias and N870 for Hybrid


Aller Aqua (retail price)

  • 2mm: N9,750
  • 3mm: N9,700
  • 4mm: N8,200

Skretting (retail price)

  • 2mm: N
  • 3mm: N
  • 4mm: N

Hy-Gold (retail price)

  • 2mm: N6,5900
  • 3mm: N6,250
  • 4mm: N6,250
  • 6mm: N5,800
  • 8mm: N5,550

Hy-Gold Base 2 (retail price)

  • 3mm: N4,650
  • 4mm: N4,550
  • 6mm: N4,350
  • 8mm: N4,150

Eco Float (wholesale price)

  • 3mm: N4,550
  • 4mm: N4,450
  • 6mm: N4,250
  • 9mm: N4,150

Blue Crown (retail price)

  • 2mm: N6,950
  • 3mm: N6,350
  • 4mm: N6,350
  • 6mm: N5,850

Aqualis (retail price)

  • 2mm: 8,600
  • 3mm: 8,200
  • 4mm: 
  • 6mm:

Note: We use Blue Crown and Eco Float floating feed as a much cheaper and reliable substitute to Aller Aqua and Skretting floating feed, and we can supply both in case you are interested.


  • Local Fish: N500
  • Fish Meal (Senegal): N520
  • Fish Concentrate: N1050
  • Fish Meal (72 percent): –
  • MagMeal: –
  • Fish Meal (65 percent): –
  • Poultry Meal: N370
  • Bone Meal: N100
  • Local Blood Meal: N200
  • Imported Blood Meal: 500
  • Bern-seed: N80
  • Soya Meal: N175
  • Full-Fat Soya: –
  • GNC: N135
  • Dough: N100
  • Maize: –
  • Garri (low quality): –
  • Garri (high quality/koko garri): –
  • Biscuit waste: N100
  • Molasses: –

NOTE: We use and supply cheaper and reliable local fish meal as an alternative to the expensive 72 percent fish meal. We can also connect you to people who can supply all of the other ingredients.


  • Fingerlings: N11
  • Post-fingerlings: N17
  • Juvenile: N25 – N30

NOTE: If you are interested in any of the above ingredients, we might be able to link you to a supplier. Feel free to reach out directly to us.