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Profitable Fish Farming is born out of many years’ experience in catfish farming. The aim of this blog is to teach beginners how to be successful in Agriculture business, especially catfish farming. I believe that the best way to learn is to lie on the shoulders of those who have wealth of experience on a particular field of interest that one would like to venture into.

This blog will teach both practicing and intending catfish farmers how to maximize profit:

  • By avoiding common mistakes in catfish farming
  • By exposing farmers to best practices in aquaculture
  • By making latest information available for general use
  • And by fostering a community and creating an avenue to interact on challenges facing catfish farmers

I strongly believe that businesses are built to generate profit; if you cannot make profit as a catfish farmer, there is no point being in business. Profitable Fish Farming will show you how to build a profitable catfish farming business.


Abiodun Eniola at a farm

It all started in 2007, after the completion of my one year compulsory service to my fatherland, when I was looking for job with the Nigerian Immigration Service. After a period of unsuccessful screening, during which many people died, I was denied employment.

I had graduated as the best student in my faculty (Faculty of Environmental Studies), but there was no job forthcoming. I had nowhere to go. I felt dejected.

I had no other choice than to settle for “the less” in farming — coincidentally, that is the work of my father who is a cocoa farmer. I started as a poultry attendant, from where I was given so many roles: a driver, accountant, manager, attendant, procurement manager, etc, with a meager salary of N15,000 (around $70 based on the current official exchange rate) which later rose to N25,000 (around $120) some 7 years after.

Fortunately for me, there was a catfish farm section at the farm I worked. I picked interest in catfish farming over poultry farming. I started gathering information, and I began to learn more on how to go about profitable catfish farming business. My search for knowledge in this regard exposed me to many things farmers do wrong and some other things they can do better. Putting all these into practice, I started my own catfish farm.

Due to a natural disaster — specifically flooding — I recorded a 20% loss during my first attempt in catfish farming. I resolved to make things better, and with some help from my boss, I started again — paying special attention to the process. This time around, since I understood the process better, I made over 140% profit; within a year of starting over, after my first failure, I had increased my startup capital four-fold. That is 300% profit in one year!

Seeing how profitable catfish farming can be, I developed more interest in it. I have never looked back. It is only in this business that one can record profit of up to 300% in one year!

Through Profitable Fish Farming, I want to share my process with you; this is the process I had used, and still using, to build a successful catfish farming business over the years, and that I have used to help other catfish farmers become successful as well. I will share my process with you on this blog; you should only be here if you want to have a profitable catfish farming business.

If you’d like to discuss business proposals or purchase any of the ingredients listed on the site (in bulk quantity), you can contact me via: +2348057974781.