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Essential Pond Features that Will Guarantee Bigger Catfishes

Getting good ponds is a serious issue that must be approached with caution — and this applies whether you lease or outright purchase your ponds. This is due to the fact that most pond owners sell or lease out their ponds for reasons mostly beyond their control. Nobody will sell or lease out a performing asset except in a very rare situation. Therefore, think twice before you buy or lease ponds.

Most farm owners give out their ponds due to consistent losses they have incurred while using the ponds. Some of these losses were caused by failure to secure the farm from theft, flood, poor management or environmental related issues. Only a few offer their pond for sales or lease for reason like better business opportunity, relocation, acquisition of better or bigger properties, etc. In this article, I will like to introduce us to certain essential features to look out for in ponds, that must be observed before you rent or lease a catfish farm.

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These Solutions Will Guarantee an End to Glut in Catfish Market

Like I said in my last article, glut is a common experience in the catfish market. It has hindered the development of catfish farming to a great extent. With an estimated population of about 170 million people, glut in catfish markets in Nigeria is uncalled for irrespective of the season. I still believe that catfish farmers in Nigeria are producing far below what is needed. However, the influx of sea foods including fishes into Nigeria has reduced the demand for catfishes in the market. Apart from variety of tastes, imported fishes are relatively cheaper compared to catfish produced in the country. This is due to an enabling environment in the source country.

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Glut in Catfish Market: Here are Factors You Should Watch Out For

Glut is a common occurrence in catfish market. It is a period of time when demand for catfish drops significantly. It happens annually, usually when supply is a bit higher than demand towards the tail end of the raining season. New catfish farmers whose catfishes mature around this period may not be encouraged to continue in the business. However, to some old catfish farmers, glut is an unavoidable experience that must be well managed. In the past, farmers usually plan their stocking to avoid the period of glut.

Recently, farmers may not be able to predict the time in which glut will occur in the year. As a matter of fact, glut now occurs in the period we least expect due to constant changes in our economy. You might not really bother with what happens during the period of glut in catfish market if only your farm can shun the market situation and focus on feeding till the time sales will improve again. My experience in catfish farming has taught me that sooner or later demand will come for your catfishes irrespective of their sizes.

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13 Other Businesses You Can Do Alongside Catfish Farming

Unlike many other businesses, income in catfish farming is periodical except you have a big farm where you can sell regularly (weekly/monthly). However, some of us that sell two to three times a year may need another source(s) of income to meet our countless needs that will not wait for long period of time to be met.

In my own opinion, as a small or large scale catfish farmer, you need another business that can support your interest in catfish farming. Besides, there is no crime in making more money especially in a business that compliments your main business. Also you will have something to fall back on when you meet with major challenges like glut in catfish market.

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How to Source for Competitive Buyers for your Catfish

In every market, there is at least a seller, a buyer and a means through which the goods get to the buyers. In catfish farming business, middlemen are the channel through which table size catfish get to bulk buyers across the country. This is due to the fact that point of production is always far away from point where catfishes are sold. Also catfish farmers are not organized enough to link buyers directly from various locations across the country.

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Risk Management in Catfish Farming: Essential Factors to Consider

There is a level of risk to in every business venture. Catfish farming business is not an exception. To many, catfish farming business is a no go area because of what they heard about the risk involved. I once told a story about my pond owner who advised us not to consider catfish farming as a viable business venture. His reason was simple: He believes catfish farming business is full of risks that could be so overwhelming.

As far as I am concerned, risk is normal in every viable business. A serious investor should not be discouraged due to the level of risks in a business but should instead find ways of overcoming them. Once risks in a business can be managed, then such business is good enough. It is both feasible and viable. I can say it with all boldness that risk in catfish farming investment can be managed. Success of risk management in catfish farming is a function of what you know as a farmer.

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Cost of Raising 1,000 Pieces of Juvenile in Present Day Nigeria Economy

catfish feeding

Many of my readers have asked questions on how much to spend on raising certain number of catfishes. Honestly speaking, I can only prepare a viability report on catfish farming based on today’s economic reality in Nigeria. However, I will make my format simple in such a way that you can make use of it once you have data on prevailing market situation on prices of inputs and outputs of catfish production.

The figures and facts used in this article might not represent the economic situation in the next three months. This is due to the fact that prices of goods and services are not stable as a result of uncontrolled rate of inflation.

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How to Improve Returns on Catfish Farming Investment in a Tough Economy

Surviving the effect of current economic situation in Nigeria on catfish farming investment involves conscious and coordinated efforts. Like I said in a recent article, returns on catfish farming investment have reduced drastically. This trend has been so obvious in the last two years. Yet there may still be more hikes in prices of catfish feed inputs, especially those from foreign countries. Just three days ago, there was news that the price of certain popular brand of floating feed has gone higher. This happens after three days of artificial scarcity. The price of a bag of that feed jumped from 4950 Naira to 7050 Naira. Mathematically, this is more than 40 percent increase within a period of one week. How can catfish farmers survive this?

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Causes and Effect of Poor Returns on Catfish Farming Investment on the Local Economy

I can still remember vividly when I started catfish farming. The inexperienced catfish farmer then can predict precisely the expected returns on his investment. The prices of inputs were relatively stable except for seasonal hike in prices of these inputs due to unavailability of good storage facilities. The sales value of table size catfish was fantastic. Many of us were proud to be called a FARMER. We always look forward to the day of harvest because we want to know if we were able to surpass our previous profit record. A lot of big boy farmers then were into catfish farming. Oh! What good business catfish farming was!

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Poor Catfish Growth: What to do when your Fishes are not Growing Well

It is not uncommon to hear catfish farmers complain of poor growth in their catfish stock. In fact, some farmers attribute poor growth in their stock to unresolved spiritual problems.

Up to 95 percent of cases of poor growth in catfishes are traceable to violations of fundamental principle upon which catfish farming is based. If you go against the rule and best management practices in catfish farming, you will surely pay for it in the area of growth of your stock.

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